Marc Fisher

Marc Fisher was born and raised in an American footwear family and has had a passion for beautiful shoes for as long as he can remember. The son of Nine West co-founder Jerome Fisher, Marc studied the art and business of shoe making from the bottom up, and spent 30 years of his career (so far) creating best-selling collections for leading designers. He’s a constant traveler to the world’s great cities, and finds inspiration wherever he goes. Rather than chase what’s shiny and new he likes things with beauty and soul. He believes style that lasts is style that counts, and that if it’s not wearable it’s simply not worth it. This appreciation of chic, timeless, simplicity is in everything Marc makes.

Since he was old enough to tie his laces, Marc has been sizing up what women want, need, and love in shoes. Recently, after three decades creating great collections for other companies, he introduced a new collection under his very own name – Marc Fisher Collection.

Marc and his childhood sweetheart Jill have been married for over 30 years. Their three children all work with the company, proving that shoes are literally part of the Fisher family DNA.

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