Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Sheer Fluid

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Color-enhancing firming moisturizer

Reap every benefit vitamin C has to offer your skin with C+C Vitamin Sheer Fluid. This lightweight formula provides an intense hydration and significantly improves firmness. It makes for the perfect summer partner, thanks to its multi-purpose use–enjoy the antioxidant and anti-aging benefits and the illuminating microspheres that even tone, cover imperfections and give you a radiant glow.


Stabilized ascorbic acid helps improve collagen and hyaluronic acid production which prevents wrinkles and improves firmness.

An antioxidant complex with lime extract and bitter orange extract intensely hydrates and helps protect skin against free radicals.

Natural free form collagen amino acids boost the production of the elements that are key for firmness, hydration and elasticity.

Vitamins E and F provide highly hydrating properties while improving the skin barrier function.

Provitamin D activates the skin’s defenses and ensures optimal levels of vitamin D.

UVA/UVB filters protect against UV solar radiation.

NOTE: Contains nut derivatives.

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