Natura Bisse Diamond White Clarity Toning Lotion

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Luminous treatment lotion

Cleansing the skin; it’s a soft and delicate ritual. We created Diamond White Clarity Toning Lotion to symphonize your cleansing regime — a refreshing and hydrating lotion that minimizes pores, evens skin tone, and softens the skin. With a boost of pomegranate extract, it enhances the skin with magnetic radiance. With a delicious lavender component, this brightening toner restores the skin's pH levels, improves microcirculation and reduces transepidermal water loss for deep hydration.

The results: Vibrant, luminous, immaculate soft skin.

• Provides luminosity to the skin.
• Restores a smooth, supple and soft appearance.
• Minimizes pores and evens tone.



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