Replica Whispers in the Library eau de toilette

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Scent type: Warm and cozy eau de toilette

Fragrance description:
The enchanting woody atmosphere of an antique library surrounded by books. A day surrounded by books. The slowing down of time surrounded by squeaky waxed wood, the mutter of turning pages and discreet whispers.

Replica 'Whispers in the Library' evokes the slowing down of time in an antique library. A woody fragrance to stir memories of the distinctive smells of old books and the comforting atmosphere of a traditional library. An unlimited quantity of books in a soft halo of light.

Relive the enchanting and contrasted memory of an antique library as notes of spicy Pepper essence, sweet Benzoin resinoïd and Vanilla absolute evoke the leaves of the books; and the sophisticated cedarwood essence recreates the scent of the wooden desk at which you are reading.

A timeless and familiar ambery eau de toilette designed around the contrast of three olfactory sensations:

The comforting warmth of vanilla absolute and Benzoin resinoïd, the spicy emulation of pepper essence, and the architectural majesty of noble Cedarwood essence.

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