Trish McEvoy Deluxe Makeup Wardrobing

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A customizable, refillable magnetic makeup page/compact for eye and face color. This can be added to any Planner as a page but can also be used as a standalone palette.




  • Use as a Page: this can snap into the ring binder of all sizes of the Power of Makeup Planners as a page that will house all of your powder makeup needs.
  • Use as a Palette: remove the double decker palette off of the page and use as a standalone palette to add to your purse or to place on your vanity.


Can Hold Up To:


  • 16 Eye Shadow Refills
  • 8 Blush Refills
  • 4 Bronzer/Powder Refills
  • Or create your own mix of the above!

Makeup Sold Separately 

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