Trish Mcevoy Beauty Booster Oil

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This luxurious anytime, anywhere powerful skin reviver instantly unlocks your most vibrantly healthy, hydrated and radiant complexion. A potent revitalizing treatment, the dual-phase formula delivers beneficial ingredients to delicate facial skin, helping to guard against environmental stressors while supporting skin’s natural moisture barrier with the aid of essential oils. Skin will instantly look and feel its supple, balanced, new-normal best. Ideal for all skin types, the weightless, non-greasy oil absorbs on contact for a perfect pre-makeup finish. It can be added to boost your favorite moisturizer or foundation and applied anywhere on the face, body or hair.
How It Works:
Helps Support Collagen and Elastin:
• Juvenessence®: An algae extract that encourages firmer looking and feeling skin.
• Vitamin A: A plant-derived retinoid that helps nourish skin's health. Lessens Environmental Effects:
• BioPlasma: A marine microorganism that supports the skin's natural moisture barrier.
• Vitamin C: Helps to even and brighten skin's appearance while aiding skin in the fight against harsh environmental conditions.

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