J Edward

After fifteen years of global work as a make-up artist, educator, consultant and public relations director in the cosmetic and fashion industry, J.Edward has turned his talent and passion toward creating a make-up line that is accessible, elegant, approachable, effective and artistically exquisite. Clients and associates are not surprised - that's who J.Edward is.

He has always been mesmerized by color. Growing up on Alabama's gulf coast and spending much of his childhood in rural Mississippi and Louisiana, J.Edward learned to focus on nature's flawless interaction of light and color. He has carried these sophisticated Southern roots to fashion shows and photo shoots in New York, London, Paris and Dubai.

J.Edward aims his new line of make-up and skin care products, J.Edward, at the relationship between rich color and the play of light on the skin, as well as simplified, cutting-edge skin care and anti-aging technology.

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